The fifth “Si Yuan Cup” Table Tennis Tournament is organised successfully!

The fifth “Si Yuan Cup” Table Tennis Tournament is organised successfully!










January 29, 2017, at the time of the New Year Spring Festival, sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Nottingham University, Rally Bridge, Siyuan Table Tennis Club hosted the fifth He Xinnian “Siyuan Cup” table tennis Sino-British friendship tournament Was successfully held at Harvey Hadden Sports Village in Nottingham. The event attracted nearly 160 players from all over the UK, including London, except Birmingham, Newcastle, Coventry, Sheffield, Leicester and Derby counties, including 88 applicants Participate in the competition. Of these players, nearly 41% of British college students, 16% of university faculty and 43% of the community. It is noteworthy that, in addition to celebrating the New Year’s Chinese, this competition also attracted from Thailand, Nigeria, South Korea, Iran and other nearly 10 countries of the contestants, fully embodies the Siyuan Table Tennis Club designed to help Chinese students in Within the international community of students into the British community concept.

The fifth session of the Siyuan Cup table tennis tournament opening ceremony collective photo

The day of the game when the unitary year New Year’s Day, the days of clear air, warm and pleasant, the scene of the lights, festive atmosphere. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Chinese President of the Confucius Institute at the Confucius Institute in Nottingham, and by Jason Feehily, director of the Asian Knowledge Exchange Department at the University of Nottingham and Crawig Weaver, Calton le Willows. Speak.

Jason Feehily, Director of Asian Knowledge Exchange at the University of Nottingham

Finally, the Nottingham DA Taiji Group, another big Chinese cultural community of the Confucius Institute at Nottingham, brought a well-rehearsal Tai Chi performance for the Siyuan Table Tennis Event – The Flow, , Eight performers from the University of Nottingham, Edelman Walter secondary school, there are Chinese people also have the British, they use the action to show the tai chi yin and yang and the perfect fusion of Chinese and English culture. In addition, there is a calligraphy and paper-cutting studio organized by the Confucius Institute at Nottingham to popularize Chinese cultural activities, so that the participating players and the British people who come to watch the experience of Chinese culture.

Opening Ceremony Nottingham DA Taiji Association Performances

The game divided into groups and entertainment group two groups, to the first group stage, after the knockout way. Open group for singles competition, divided men and women group. Using three innings two wins and 11 points system, (the winner of the final five games three wins). No seed players; according to the order of registration snake group, every four to five for a group, the group cycle. The top two teams entered the second stage single knockout and rewarded the top three. Entertainment group using the “two team competition”: regardless of men and women, to two groups as a group of arbitrary team. The game is divided into two stages, the game is divided into two stages, from the group stage to the game, the game is divided into two stages, the game is divided into two stages, Knockout. Every four to five teams for a group, the group within the cycle, the team before the two teams into the second stage knockout, and reward the top three. Participants are teamed up on their own. The Organizing Committee will team up for individual players without team.

The live game is brilliant

Live competition is brilliant, climax constantly. Entertainment team members to carry forward the “ping-pong poly friendship, sports win happy” spirit of the campaign, open team members are enjoying the sweat in the game sweaty dripping. The men’s open group top seed time in the quarter-finals lost to the fifth seed Lee Haoran (Ho Yin Lee) accidentally eliminated, the latter lost to Nigeria in the semi-finals Adeoye Adewale. Adam Harrison in the semi-finals of the British team from the University of Nottingham’s Table Tennis Club No. 2 in the semi-finals of the UK. Ismaila Akindiya, who is now enrolled in Nigeria from the University of Nottingham. The final was played in two Nigerian players, and eventually Ismaila Akindiya won the championship with a 3: 1 win over Adeoye Adewale, and Adam Harrison won third place.

Nigerian player Adeoye Adewale

Open group of women’s group semi-finals were the Chinese people swept, they were from the University of Nottingham Deng Yaping scholarship winner, won the 2016 British college student table tennis championship Liu Hao Yu; from the University of Birmingham won the 2016 British college students table tennis championship runner-up Li Weiqi; Wang Qiuixian from the University of Coventry won the Warwick Open Women’s runner-up; and Zhang Wufei (translator) teacher from the Chinese community. The final women’s group won by Liu Hao Yu, Li Weiqi, Wang Qiu Xian points were two or three.

From Ming Han University won the runner-up Li Weiqi

(Bryan Kwan) and Lee Yin Ran (Ho Yin Lee) won the entertainment group championship, by the University of Birmingham Li Weiqi and the University of Leicester University, the University of Birmingham, the University of Birmingham, the University of Birmingham (NathaschaElxnath) and the Eszter Dora Soos team from the University of Nottingham’s German table tennis team were third runner-up.

Germany’s Natasha and Esther won the entertainment group runner-up

The closing ceremony was officiated by Dr. Wu Bin, founder of the Siyuan Club, senior researcher and director of the China Immigration Research Center, headed by Sandra Deaton, Chairman of the England Table Tennis Association, and Mark Taft, Minister of Commerce of the English Table Tennis Association Mark Taffler and the Chinese President of the Confucius Institute at Nottingham Meng Jinrong awarded awards for the award-winning team. Bonus and travel products are sponsored by Hino Travel, HungryPanda and UK Pathway.

Volunteers and awards guests

Mr. Wu Bin, founder of Siyuan Club and Mr. Meng Jinrong, Dean of Confucius Institute of Nottingham, jointly presented the eight volunteers and three outstanding contributors of this event by the Confucius Institute at the University of Nottingham, Siyuan Table Tennis Club, Nottingham University and Nottingham City Hall Jointly issued a certificate of award.

All the guests and winners photo

But also to thank the special guests national referee Zhao Shuai and the plane board tennis club (Sycamore Table Tennis Club) Joseph (Joseph) coach, their wonderful ruling to ensure the smooth progress of the event. But also special thanks to the British University Games Vice President, table tennis international referee Michael Payne (Mike Payne) couples come to the scene and personally decided to final stage of the game.

Closing ceremonies and photo organizers took a group photo

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers of the tournament: NottinghamCity Council, Table Tennis England, Chinese Embassy in Britain, Sport Nottinghamshire, Indus (SycamoreTable Tennis Club), Carlton le Willows Academy, The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom Chinese TableTennis Association, British Chinese Project, Nottingham Sports Group.

The success of this event promoted the exchange of local Chinese and English culture, spread the Chinese national culture and the New Year culture, made a very good cultural exchange results, is a grand unprecedented success of the event.

Text / Wu Xianfeng

Edit / li bailin

Photography / Yang Xin, Wang Xinyi

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