The 5th ‘Si Yuan Cup’ Table Tennis Tournament Detail Published!

The 5th ‘Si Yuan Cup’ Table Tennis Tournament Detail Published!

The 5th ‘Si Yuan Cup’ Table Tennis Tournament
in Celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster

Si Yuan Ping-Pong Club (SYPC) was established by Nottingham Confucius Institute in 2013 with the aim of promoting friendship and understanding between the UK and China through table tennis, China’s national sport. The club started from just a few members and grew into a well-established volunteer-run table tennis club with over 70 dedicated members attending regular training and outreach sessions. To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, SYPC will hold its 5th ‘Si Yuan Cup’ Table Tennis Tournament on Sunday 29th Jan 2017.  All table tennis players, be they old or young, Chinese or non-Chinese nationals, beginner or advanced, are welcome to enter the tournament. To promote Table Tennis to the wider community, SYPC will also provide free taster sessions to interested parties.

一、主办单位 Organisers

诺丁汉孔子学院 Nottingham Confucius Institute


思源乒乓球俱乐部 Si Yuan Ping-Pong Club

汇桥文化体育 Rally Bridge

三、协办单位(排名不分先后)Supporting Partners

诺丁汉市政厅 Nottingham City Council

英格兰乒乓球协会 Table Tennis England

中国驻英大使馆  Chinese Embassy

诺丁汉郡体育部 Sport Nottinghamshire

Sycamore乒乓俱乐部 Sycamore Table Tennis Club

Carlton le Willows学院 Carlton le Willows Academy

全英华人乒乓球总会 United Kingdom Chinese Table Tennis Association

华人参政计划 British Chinese Project

诺丁汉体育集团 Nottingham Sports Group

四、赞助商 Sponsors

亚洲商务中心 Asia Business Centre

海诺旅游 Hino Travel


英国大道教育咨询集团 UK Pathway

五、比赛细则 Tournament terms and conditions

1. 比赛分组


 Men/ Women Singles – Open Championship (suitable for advanced players)


The Open Championship is divided into men’s and women’s singles categories. The matches are divided into group and elimination stages. All matches will be played as best 2 of 3 games to 11 points, whilst finals will be played best 3 of 5 games to 11 points. In the group stage, participants are allocated in a random manner (4-5 participates in a group), participants play against every other player in the same group. The winner and first runner up in the group will proceed to the elimination stage.


Social Tournament (suitable for less advanced players – parents and children are encouraged to join)


Group entry is only available in this category. All participants are welcome regardless of gender or age. Participants are encouraged to register as a group of two. Single participants are also welcome: they will be matched with another single participant in this category. All matches go through the group and elimination stages as described in the section above. The match sequence in each stage will be: doubles-> singles-> singles. The winner of the doubles has the privilege of picking the opponent in the first single match, and each match will be played as best 2 of 3 games.

  1. 其它比赛细则说明 Additional Notes


Photographs and videos will be taken by NCI photographers and presses involved on the day throughout the tournament for NCI and club promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, you must make yourself known to the photographers or staff.

比赛用球: 徐绍发 40+ 塑料三星球

Xushaofa three-star plastic balls will be provided

详细比赛赛程表将在比赛4天前在汇侨Rally Bridge官方网站 中发布。

The result of the draw will be released four days before the tournament at

六、其他文化活动 Other activities


To celebrate Chinese New Year, a series of cultural workshops including Chinese calligraphy and origami will be held by Nottingham Confucius Institute staff and student volunteers. On the day there will also be a Dragon and Lion dance along with a Tai Chi demonstration at the opening ceremony. Last but not least, our coaching team will also provide free table tennis taster sessions for local residents and students. These activities are free to attend, but it is advisable to register in advance to secure a place and avoid disappointment.

七、比赛和活动报名 Tournament and workshop registration

  1. 报名方式 How to register


第二步:提交个人信息后您将被链接到Eventbrite网站进行比赛和活动报名。请点击“Tickets”并选择相关票务(女               子单打、男子单打、娱乐组或者活动体验票)并进行购买。

First Step – Visit to fill in your personal details;

Second Step – Submit your details and you will receive a link to an Eventbrite webpage to register for the tournament and workshop. Please click on “Tickets”, select the relevant tickets (Woman Single, Man Single or Social Open) and you will be directed to the entry fee payment page. Please rest assured that your personal details are solely used as confirmation of interest/participation and will be confidentially destroyed after the tournament.

2. 比赛报名费用(其中包含报名网站手续费用)Tournament entry fee (include website admin fee)

公    开    组 Open singles: £10

娱    乐    组 Social Entertainment: £6/per person

乒乓球体验教学 Table Tennis coaching and experience: 免费 free

其他文化活动 Traditional Chinese cultural workshop: 免费 free

注 Notes: 

  1. 参与任何活动均需网上报名,凭票入场。

Participating any of the above events require online registration, and keep and bring your receipts on the day.

  1. 报名截止日期:2017年1月22日

Registration after 22nd Jan 2017 will not be considered

八、比赛奖励 Prize

(A1) 公开组男子组  Si Yuan Open Men’s Singles

男子第一名 Men’s Single Champion: £150现金及奖杯奖牌 £150 cash with medal

男子第二名 Men’s single 1st runner up: £100现金及奖牌 £100 cash with medal

男子第三名 Men’s single 2nd runner up: £50现金及奖牌 £50 cash with medal

(A2) Si Yuan Open Women’s Singles

女子第一名 Women’s Single Champion: £150现金及奖杯奖牌 £150 cash with medal

女子第二名 Women’s single 1st runner up: £100现金及奖牌 £100 cash with medal

女子第三名 Women’s single 2nd runner up: £50现金及奖牌 £50 cash with medal

 (B)娱乐组 Social Tournament

团体第一名 Group Champion: 双人英国境内四日游及奖牌 UK local four-day travel (two persons)

团体第二名1st runner up: 双人英国境内两日游及奖牌 UK local two-day travel (two persons)

团体第三名2nd runner up: 双人英国境内一日游及奖牌 UK local one-day travel (two persons)

九、免责声明 Disclaimer

凡报名参赛人员,需要自行购买意外保险;如果参赛则意味所有风险为其个人承担,如果出现意外,第五届贺新春“思源杯” 乒乓球锦标赛组委会不承担任何风险与责任。以上内容解释权归诺丁汉孔子学院所有。

We strongly advise all participants to purchase sports insurance as we cannot be held responsible for any accident that might happen during the tournament. Nottingham Confucius Institute reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of the above Terms and Conditions.

十、联系我们 Contact Us

姓名Name:Lawrence Chan



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