Nottingham Confucius Institute in Ningbo ushered in the British students!

Nottingham Confucius Institute in Ningbo ushered in the British students!

Local time On the morning of June 19, a spectacular rally was held at the Siyuan Center, located at the Confucius Institute at Nottingham. From the English community more than 50 people gathered together, gathered in the table tennis under the banner. The meeting will be held as the 2016 British high school student table tennis delegation to visit the delegation, the organizers of Nottingham Kong invited to jointly plan and organize the activities of the delegation of the England Table Tennis Association, Nottingham Carlton Le Willow Academy and all involved in this project The Nottingham Municipal Government, the University of Nottingham, the local community, together with our members, focus on China through table tennis. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Meng Jinrong, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Nottingham, and first of all, Mr. Craig Weaver, Principal of the Carlton Le Willow Academy, and Mr. Chris Turner, Head of the English Table Tennis Association, gave a briefing on the preparation details. Mr. Meng Jinrong Details of the origin of the project and the specific arrangements for the trip. As the three leaders of the delegation, they also answered in detail the details of the travel details of the members and parents.

The meeting also invited the Nottingham City Hall officials, the University of Nottingham table tennis team representatives and representatives of the local table tennis community participated in the meeting. Ms. Habibi Arzhia introduced the next five-year plan that Ningbo and Nottingham have just signed as sister cities, highlighting the important role of Confucius in the next five years. Dr. Wu Bin introduced the university amateur students on behalf of Siyuan Table Tennis Club The importance of ping – pong groups in connecting universities and communities. The most popular small players are excited about the meeting we also invited the first Deng Yaping scholarship winner, is currently studying at the University of Nottingham Liu Hao Yu students. In addition to the introduction of the current table tennis in China’s development status, but also after the end of the meeting personally and the players in the game to share her superb table tennis technology. On July 26th, the 28-member team, headed by the table tennis team, will start from the UK. During the two-week visit, they will visit the local community in addition to studying Chinese in Shanghai and Ningbo. Some professional ping pong groups, learn skills, contact feelings. At this moment, not only the players are waiting for the arrival of this day, we have reason to look forward to the team in this team will be a member of the British business card, the envoy of Chinese and English culture, looking forward to their British version of the ping-pong diplomacy New chapter.

Contribution: Confucius Institute at Nottingham; Photo: Wu Xianfeng)

August 4 to August 8, Nanking Confucius Institute of Nottingham Ningbo, ushered in by the British Nottingham Confucius Institute organized by the high school student burgers mission. The group was led by the teacher of the Chinese Academy of Confucius Institute at the Confucius Institute in Nottingham, UK, consisting of 20 junior high school student tennis players and some parents and coaches. Members of the delegation participated in the cultural experience activities of Chinese painting, cooking and Chinese kung fu. At the same time, they actively interact with local students in Ningbo, learn from the skills of soldiers and banners, and enhance mutual understanding between young people in China and Britain. This event has been the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office of the strong support. As a microcosm of Ningbo and Nottingham’s friendly cultural exchange activities, Ningbo TV has conducted an interview with an important part of the event and recorded many memorable moments.

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